Monday, June 3, 2013

Abolish The IRS

There never was a Constitutional basis for the existence of this behemoth.  They tyrannical monstrosity it has become is merely the logical consequence of the overreaching authority it has been allowed to exert over citizens.  It's time to abolish it.  At this IJR article, watch the video in which Senator Ted Cruz is voicing what so many of us believe to be the correct course of action.

UPDATE:  The IJR link isn't working, so let's try this one.  Apologies!


  1. We can't simply abolish the IRS, we need to repeal the 16th amendment, which I am all for. Why doesn't anyone advocate for this? Why don't we see an organized movement for this? Why doesn't any politician say "repeal the 16th amendment"? Instituting a flat federal income tax would still require an IRS. It would be more fair, but the income tax would still exists. Before 1913 there was no federal income tax on wage and salary earners, and there should be none on them (us) today, in my opinion. Although people cannot imagine life without a federal income tax, all we need to do is repeal the 16th amendment and there would be none.

  2. 404. Can you post a better link? Your readers would be interested to hear the views of Ted Cruz on this subject. Thank you for alerting us.


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