Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nothing To See Here, Folks! Move Along! Move Along!

Note: for background, see my posts on June 27th.

Basically that's what Vatican officials are trying to tell us in the wake of the reports about the gay sex ring inside the Vatican.  Patrizio Roggi has been charged with slander and nameless Italian prosecutors say his charges are "unsubstantiated".

"Unsubstantiated"?  What happened to all these corroborating witnesses, photos, videos, etc?  Did they all evaporate when lire and/or euros started flow?

Now they are insinuating that Roggi fabricated all this out of spite.  I've no doubt that Roggi's integrity is next to none, but if there was proof, wouldn't that proof stand on its own merit?  Moreover, if nothing else, Roggi would know where many skeletons are hiding in the Vatican corridors.  Let's remember a little American history that's related, shall we?  No one doubts that the Boston Globe has been hostile to the Faith for some time.  Yet it was precisely that newspaper that finally broke the dam of silence that existed within the US church hierarchy.  Roggi himself might be a skunk, but that doesn't necessarily render his account false.

Vatican officials are fooling no one.  They simply are trying to stifle truth by an attempt to silence Roggi and anyone else who might come forward.  I fear that there might even be some dead bodies that will soon appear; must it come to that?

At any rate, we faithful Catholics will play the dumb and submissive little sheeple no longer.  For the sake of the Bride of Christ and countless souls, we demand real answers now, not a sweep under the rug.

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