Monday, June 17, 2013

Borrowing Some Tactics From SEIU..

In Kansas, a "community-organizing" bunch that calls itself "Sunflower Community Action" descended upon the front lawn of Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State to protest the deportation of illegal immigrants (that is, those who deliberately broke our laws).  Their actions bore an uncanny resemblance to that of the SEIU and "National Political Action", who stomped all over the lawn and front porch of a Bank of America official three years ago in Montgomery County.  I daresay there might have been some "consultation" going on between the two "community organizing" gangs.  In fact, go to page 4 of this SCA newsletter to see how they are networking with the SEIU.

Watch the video of the mob all over Kobach's lawn.  The guy with the bullhorn on the porch claims that "we're showing love" (0:14).  He makes a mockery of the word "love".  Whatever else marauding over someone's private property is, it is not "love".  As for the depositing of shoes on the front porch, that was just silly; I imagine the shoes are in some trash can at this moment.

Dear "Sunflower", here are some good-faith suggestions.  If you want to convince the "evil xenophobes" that you aren't a bunch of law-breaking, trespassing thugs, then it's very important that you do not behave like law-breaking, trespassing thugs as you did at the Kobach home.  Otherwise, they (and the public at large) will correctly infer that you mean to bully and terrorize.  Understand that the act of trespassing, especially en masse is by definition not "peaceful", silly pretensions to the contrary.  Mr. Kobach's mention of his Second Amendment rights in this context is most appropriate.  Obviously you won't appreciate it, in your delusional self-righteousness and hypocrisy, but that's not our problem

Illegal aliens are deported because they show disregard for our laws.  We know they make disregard of rule of law and other peoples' rights their way of life (in true Alinskyan fashion; note the reading list of Louis Goseland, along with Alinskyan language all over the site).  The "Sunflower Community Action" bunch was kind enough to provide to us this past Saturday with prima facae evidence of that deplorable trait by stampeding over Mr. Kobach's lawn.


  1. hey, i will stomp all over the lawn and front porch of an abortin provider so I am not going to complain about people who stomp all over the front lawn and porch of someone they think is doing something immoral we have a right to assembly and free speech just like we have a right to bear arms.

    1. You are not a serious commenter, but since your post provides so much "teaching opportunity" I allow it. First, your grammar is atrocious. You've written what appears to be one very long sentence with only one period at the end and no capitalization.

      Have you ever heard of private property rights? It means, among other things, that the owner of a piece of real estate can govern what transpires on his/her property and all others must respect that, lest they be found in trespass. The right to assembly and free speech applies to public areas. Thus while we have a right to picket on the public sidewalk in front of an abortionist's home (and I have done so), at no time may we "exercise our First Amendment rights" on his/her lawn. Civil law does recognize limitations to these private property rights. For instance, if a violent crime is being committed on that private property and someone's life is in imminent danger, then good people may go onto that property for the sole purpose of protecting the victim of violence.


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