Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Can One Tell When It's CCHD Collection Time?

One answer to that question is "when the CCHD and their supporters start their preemptive screeds against faithful Catholics concerned about their left-wing leanings".  For example, David Gibson of Religion News Service starts his piece by claiming that "conservative activists are threatening the social mission of the Catholic Church... by attacking the Church's flagship anti-poverty program with 21st-century style Catholic McCarthyism."  

Of course he refers to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Obviously Mr. Gibson is unaware that the CCHD, by policy, gives no money to organizations that directly perform the Corporal Works of Mercy.  Perhaps Mr. Gibson knows that and he doesn't give a hoot.  At any rate, CCHD has traditionally given grants - collected from Catholics during the in-pew collections - to organizations that seek to "change social structures and policies".  That quote is taken from one of their flyers.  More often than not, these organizations are socialist in nature, along the lines of Saul Alinsky.  Indeed, the CCHD was originated by Msgr Jack Egan, an associate (and disciple) of Saul Alinsky for the express purpose of syphoning Catholic resources to fund these community-organizing endeavors (Barack Obama cut his political teeth while working with the Gamaliel Foundation, one such group).  But this blog's previous posts have delved in detail into CCHD's sordid past - no need to rehash that here.

Gibson cites as his main source Faith in Public Life - you know, the progressive outfit funded by George Soros.  Here is the link to the 24-page report that snivels about the "growing threat".  If anything's a "growing threat", it's the tentacles of progressives that infest the bowels of the USCCB offices.  I count it as a high compliment to be among those they perceive as a "threat" to them siphoning Catholic money to their causes, but I digress.  

A perusal of page 2 of their report will give you quite a number of progressives and Obama supporters; many of these individuals and entities can be entered into this blog's search box for more information: Pax Christi,   Thomas Chabolla, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholics United, LCWR, the disgraced Bishop Gumbleton, Stephen Schenk.  The rest of that report will need to be studied in greater detail.  

Getting back to Gibson's article, I must mention one line that is so silly as to be downright amusing.  He complains about the "well-financed network" that we are, in his third paragraph.  I think I can speak for many of my compatriots when I say that none of that "finance" has greased our palms!  On the other hand, when multi-billionaire George Soros has his paw-prints all over Faith in Public Life and its endeavors, it's not too hard to see where the cold cash really flows.

Lest anyone think that this Gibson piece is just a flash in the pan, I now link to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times by Mark Brown.  Recall that recently, a "gay marriage" bill was defeated in Illinois.  Now Brown is waxing ominous about the Church "playing hardball" with groups that supported perversion of marriage.  He's complaining that the CCHD there might cut off their funding.  Imagine that!  The Catholic Church expects those receiving Catholic money to honor Catholic principles!  Here's hoping they hold firm.  Anyway, we can see how the mainstream media is marching lockstep behind the progressives who are trying to leech money from Catholics to undermine Christian principles.

There will be more on this.  For now, I (and I'm sure my friends) take it as a high compliment that the CCHD apologists feel they have to do this preemptive "damage-control" to restore what at one time was an easy source of cash from unsuspecting Catholics.  We're "unsuspecting" no longer.  The truth is coming out.  Please read the FPL report, and also study the report put out by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition.

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  1. One of the things I chuckled at in the article was "McCarthyism" being treated as a bad word, a falsehood. It was years later, but McCarthy was vindicated. What he said was true; there were (and are)communists in our government. Also, those dedicated servants of God who work tirelessly to uncover falsehood and lies, who report Truth, will be vindicated as Truth will always win over false hood...just have to wait awhile sometimes.


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