Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Social Justice Became Perverted In US Chanceries

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris gives a bit of history behind the mess that is commonly known as "social justice" in chancery offices across the country.  He also explains how this led to so many Catholics being hoodwinked by the "Catholic" Campaign for Human Development and why progressives are lashing out at the work that faithful Catholics are doing to expose the chicanery of the CCHD.  He mentioned that Church Militant TV is a "proud member of the Reform CCHD Now Coalition"; so is this blog.

I do have one minor difference with Voris.  At 1:02 he mentions that both secular society and the Church started to turn liberal/progressive in the 1960s.  I hold that process began way before then, and only became manifest during the 1960s.

Guess what?  The CCHD has announced that it will be giving away over $91 million in grants.  However, it left out one teensy little detail in that announcement: the grant recipients and how much each will receive!  So much for Catholic donors knowing the usage of their money!  For the CCHD, that's simply par for the course - all the more reason not to give them one penny of your hard-earned money.


  1. Good catch on his comment at 1:02 about liberalism, it's been around for a quite a while. In her book The Death of Evolution, and also here on a blog about her work Paula Haigh wrote:

    In 1907 St. Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi described modernism as “the synthesis of all heresies.” Liberalism, although it came first chronologically, is the manifestation of modernism in the political sphere. Evolutionism (the modernist’s principle doctrine) along with the 19th century’s idea of progress, is modernism’s manifestation in all the academic disciplines from biology to history, philosophy and theology. Therefore, the “synthesis of all heresies” includes liberalism and evolutionism. They are like two heads on a beast out of the Apocalypse.

    once again, good catch. It was a relatively long video for a Vortex and I think most folks missed that.

  2. Audio Sancto has a good sermon from 2012 about Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School cultural Marxists schemes to undermine Catholic teaching with false "Social Justice" platitudes.

    It's good background information for the crisis that the Church is facing with the prelates and laity in the USCCB who were quite possibly raised on that type of altered teaching plus the ubiquitous liberalism in today's schools.


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