Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's The Point, Asks The Vortex

Today's Vortex touches upon the chequered careers of two prelates that are drawing to their ends due to their impending retirement ages.  One of them is Bishop Robert Lynch of St Petersburg, FL.  I agree that Lynch's blog post is dopey enough, but that was not the "lowest of the low" for Bishop Robert Lynch.

It was in his diocese, under his (supposed) watch, that Terri Schiavo was allowed to be brutally murdered via dehydration and starvation.  Bishop Lynch went so far as to rebuke those who endeavored to save her life for causing "lack of peace".  He forbade his priests from offering comfort to the Schindler family (they did have assistance from a priest attached to the Military Archdiocese).  When it was evident that Terri would die during or after Holy Week, he fled his see - in direct violation of Canon Law.  And while he wouldn't allow her parents use of a Church for any sort of memorial service, he did allow her murderous husband Michael to marry his fornication partner weeks later in a Catholic Church.  What a guy!

Good riddance to Bishop Lynch.  May he spend his upcoming retirement in prayer and reparation.

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