Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guess What Criminal Activity The CCHD Helped To Fund??

Remember this debacle from last week, when so-called "peaceful activists" stampeded onto the front lawn of a Kansas state official?  Well, it turns out that the donations of unsuspecting Catholics, "courtesy of the CCHD", went towards financing this mess.  As you watched the video, didn't you wonder just how a bunch of poor, oppressed immigrants were able to afford those buses, shirts and signs?

First, a "shout-out" to the National Association of American Lay Catholics.  It was their blog post that tipped me off to the CCHD connection with the mob scene last week.  I assume it was they who visited the photo section of Sunflower Community Action's Facebook page and discovered its partnership with Communities Creating Opportunity, the Kansas affiliate of PICO.  As you examine the pictures you can see both the shirts worn at the Kobach house and the CCO logo.

PICO received $150,000.00 from the CCHD.  Here it is right from the USCCB website.  Notice the praise heaped upon PICO for their "established track record of grassroots organizing".  I'm sure enough of those "tracks" were left on the Kobach lawn last weekend.

Do NOT give one penny to your local CCHD collection (if your diocese is still conducting that charade).


  1. What I picture is the bishops holding out to the crowd a collection basket for the HHS mandate fight, but off to the side is a community organizer who holds his hand out, and every other donation from the basket, the bishop passes it off to the organizer...and on the organizer's other side is the rally FOR the HHS mandate, and the money gets passed off to them...

  2. I am literally sick. God help us all.



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