Monday, November 3, 2014

Aim For Conversion, Not Welcome

I link now to an excellent piece by Eric Sammons, a former fellow parishioner of mine who moved to Florida a while back.  He correctly observes that the focus of "evangelism" has gone adrift.  We have become too centered on making people feel welcomed as opposed to leading them to real conversion, a process that can (depending on individual circumstances) lead to them being challenged.

He makes another excellent point when he speaks of an overemphasis on trying to be understood as opposed to being precise in our language.  To quote, "the irony is that when one works for precision he gets understanding, but when he works solely for understanding he gets confusion."  As an example, he pointed to changes made by Pope Benedict XVI to the English translation to the Ordinary Liturgy.  Words employed therein are not used colloquially but they do convey more accurate meanings.

He gives a well-placed warning about attempts to "soften" the Church's language in misguided attempts to make the sinner feel "welcome".  Too often these attempts lead to obfuscations about the seriousness of sin, particularly of sexual sins.  These sins are objectively grave and will lead to loss of sanctifying grace; if one dies in that state they are damned.  Much better is it to warn people in forthright language so that they will be motivated to go to Confession to have grace restored.

Enough of my commentary!  Please read the link above.

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