Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cardinal Burke And Archbishop Schneider Warn Of Evils Underlying SinNod Debacle

Cardinal Raymond Burke, now Patron of the Order of Malta, gave an interview to Breitbart News this past Tuesday November 4.  In it he stated that the Church risks schism if bishops are seen as going contrary to the Church's teachings in the month ahead.  No doubt exists in my mind that he is speaking of Cardinals Kasper, Marx, Baldiserri and others who seek to change the Church's teachings on marriage and Holy Communion to a horrible deformation of Christ's authentic commands.  He warned of trying to accommodate the faith to the culture.

By the way - I've reason to believe that Cardinal Kasper will be exercising strong influence over the USCCB meeting that starts tomorrow in Baltimore.  Since he was in the area last Thursday, he may well even be at the meeting - or at least orchestrating things from the background.

The next day Archbishop Athanasius Schneider also gave an interview, echoing many of Burke's concerns.  Rorate Caeli has the entire text of the interview.  He state that during the SinNod there were moments of obvious manipulation and that "the interim report was clearly a prefabricated text with no reference to actual statement of the synod fathers".  I mentioned that in earlier posts.  Consider.  If indeed the SinNod puppet-masters put forth a prefabricated document while holding it out to be a reflection of deliberations that just happened, they were in fact lying to the Church at large.  There's no way to put lipstick on that pig.  Since the pope hand-picked those extra men (including Cardinal Wuerl) to the committee to compose that report, is it not logical to deduce that if the report was prefabricated that happened with the pope's approval if not initiation?

Schneider then called those paragraphs on divorced/remarried people and homosexuality as stemming from a "radical neo-pagan ideology".  He stated that the interim report will remain "a black mark which has stained the honor of the Apostolic See".  While he praises the final report, he also expresses concern that the paragraphs remain in the final report.  I've no doubt that this is being done to keep those topics "on the table" for next year's ordinary synod.

I'd urge study of the remarks of both these men.  Pray for them as well as the Church.  Cardinal Burke has already tasted vengeance for speaking the truth.  Will similar fates await Scheider, Muller, Pell and others?  We will be watching.


  1. I did not know if you had watched this interview of Cardinal Burke in Vienna. Here is the link...May God bless you.

  2. I would be a little leery of anything that came out of Baltimore. See copy of the “St Matthew broaches coming out” article in the October 23 issue of the Catholic Review. And I thought things like this only happened in New York!

  3. Pope Francis was the one who insisted the objectionable paragraphs be kept in the final relatio. His reasoning? He wanted to show people exactly where the Church was at.

  4. I'm worried about other faithful Cardinals getting the Ax. Cardinal Pell in particular, because from what I am reading, he is already being marginalized by the Cardinals in Rome. Cardinal Pell was the one to throw a small fit in the Synod Hall, pounding his hand on the table in front of him with demands that they stop manipulating Synod proceedings. I did read somewhere that for a short time they cut his mic off. I'm so afraid that they will pull their knives out for him and others.


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