Friday, November 7, 2014

CUA - Cardinal Kasper Does Damage Control For Pope Francis

As stated a few days ago, Cardinal Kasper was slated to give an address at Catholic University of America yesterday.  He did, as scheduled.  What I know of the address can be found at Catholic News Agency.

The main purpose of his address seemed to be to project a particular picture of Pope Francis.  He cautioned against conceptions "which try to appropriate Pope Francis in their own way."  Thus said he who claimed to speak for the pope a month or two ago.  Cardinal Burke's contradiction of that statement notwithstanding, Cardinal Kasper probably does speak for the pope.  It is precisely that which makes Kasper's shilling for Holy Communion for those living in adultery to be so troubling.

Further in the address Kasper said that Pope Francis can be better understood against "the backdrop of Argentinian liberation theology".  That would be the same "liberation theology" roundly condemned by Pope Benedict XVI in December 2009; see this Vatican site - you'll probably need to translate it.

Then he introduces a rather bizarre concept of "theology of the people".  "Theology of the people"???!??!  Pardon my french, but what the hell is that????   He says Pope Francis honors the concept of sensus fidei, but of course that leaves us to wonder how the pope honored the sensus fidei of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, or even that of the synod fathers when he ordered the voted-down heretical paragraphs to be included in the final relatio synodi.

I urge all to read carefully the Catholic News Agency link, for it summarizes quite well how dangerous Cardinal Kasper is to the True Faith.  Moreover, since Pope Francis has yet to contradict Kasper's claim of speaking for him, it is not unreasonable to opine that perhaps he too embraces those same harmful mindsets.

So now you have an idea of what will most likely happen at the USCCB meeting that starts Monday.


  1. Theology of the PEOPLE translates into PAGANISM. The complete opposite of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is just no other way to interpret it. I keep going back to the same ol question..........Exactly what the h _ _ _ happened in that Conclave?

  2. I was wondering how you survived Kasper in DC. His views [Pope Francis's own views] are enough to drive faithful Catholics mad.
    Liberation theology has been condemned by Popes JPII and BXVI, who also excommunicated its prominent proponent, the former Marxist Maryknoll president Fr. Miguel d'Escoto. Francis has lifted d'Escoto's excommunication, so now Liberation Theology is alive and kicking.
    D'Escoto Maryknoll's Orbis Books is also the publisher of the Black Liberation Theology book by Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

    1. Kasper's not my bishop in DC. He was only a guest speaker at CUA last evening. Cardinal Wuerl is my bishop so I suppose there isn't much difference, although Kasper does appear to be a bit more blatant about his dissent.

      I heard about d'Escoto being brought back by Pope Francis. Meanwhile the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are punished for loving our Lord and the traditions of His Church.

    2. I meant was, Thank God you survived Kasper's visit in DC.
      God bless you for this blog. It's a real service to the faithful.

    3. Thank you! While we may have survived, I think he's in Baltimore now, wreaking havoc on the USCCB meeting that will commence tomorrow.

  3. A pupil of Fr. Karl Rahner, Fr. Scannone is among the leading spokesmen of the “theology of the people,” an Argentine current of liberation theology.

    The theology of Pope Francis: an interview with Juan Carlos Scannone


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