Saturday, November 1, 2014

We Are Being Bombarded With Maturation Efforts

Remember the Pope's closing address of the SinNod?  Here is the link to it at the Vatican site for reference.  In the third-to-last paragraph, we were told that "we have one year to mature", presumably before the ordinary synod next year.  Commenting on my post from yesterday, "TLM" had a great point to make on what "mature" means in Jesuit lingo.

The "maturation" has begun in earnest.  No one who has two functioning eye balls can deny the obvious as they behold these incidents of the past few weeks.  Please note that the incidents that I will list are merely those of which I've learned.  There might well be more, and I'm sure this list will grow over this coming year.  Now, the list thus far:
  • Two weeks ago, I posted that Catholic University of American intended to host a showing of the movie "Milk".  It's a very sympathetic portrait of a gay activist's life.  The screenwriter was also scheduled to speak.  I do not know if that has happened or even if it's scheduled for a future date.  My emails have received no response.
  • Again, at CUA, Cardinal Walter Kasper will receive a prestigious award and will talk about "the vision of Pope Francis".  He is the orchestrater of much of the SinNod's mischief.  No doubt his talk is being give with the goal of furthering this "maturation".
  • Yesterday the University of Notre Dame hosted a "Gay In Christ" conference.  Ostensibly its aim was to address "a pastoral strategy for parishes to be able to receive the gifts of self-identified gay Catholics".  Right there we see a massive problem.  There are no "gifts" that come from anyone on account of any disordered tendencies they might have.  Would we speak of the "gifts of self-identified spouse-beating Catholics"?  Of course not.  Moreover, some of the speakers have been quite open about their embrace of the gay lifestyle.
  • During the month of October, Father Walter Cuenin, a Boston-area college chaplain displayed a GLBTQ (did I get these initials right?) flag outside the chapel over which he presides.  Recently he had circulated a petition to have that rainbow monstrosity hung over the Oval Office.  On the altar of the chapel he has a pink cloth and pink candles.  I understand from the Boston Catholic Insider that this has been going on for at least ten years.  Why has not Cardinal O'Malley defrocked him yet?
  • Three days ago my friend at Connecticut Catholic Corner posted news of a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Father Gary Meier, who has "come out for gay equality because it's what Jesus would do".  He himself is gay and refuses to tell his followers that homosexual acts are mortally sinful.  Julie asks a good question: where is his bishop in all this?
  • Another suspiciously silent bishop is Baltimore's Archbishop Lori.  Two days ago I pointed out that the Baltimore Catholic Review, the Archdiocese's official paper, was used to shill for a "gay coming out" session at a Baltimore parish.  I continue to ask why this piece saw print in a Catholic paper and why the pastor of this parish isn't removed and even defrocked.
You might have noticed a common theme in these incidents.  They all involve the condoning of the mortal sin of sodomy by Catholic institutions.  Recall that in the English translation of the final report on the SinNod, those paragraphs that condoned sodomy were stricken, and probably to the chagrin of the progressive puppet masters of the SinNod.  I wouldn't count the elimination of those paragraphs as a clear-cut victory for those who uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Rather, it was a temporary retreat, a tactical maneuver of the dissidents so that they could cut their losses and regroup for next year.  As we continue through the year, please expect the above list of atrocities and abominations to increase.

These sorts of things have been going on for several years.  However, I don't recall them ever being so blatant or as numerous as they are now.  This has all the stench of a coordinated effort to "help us mature", as it were.  This past Tuesday I wrote of the need to resist the Vatican progressives.  One of the ways we must resist is to expose these tactics and explore action against them as they occur.  No longer can we remain passive.

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  1. This is exactly the way gay marriage got blessed, state by state, in the USA......drip, drip, drip.


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