Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Franciscan Action Network To Honor A Socialist Friday Nov 7

From the Franciscan Action Network website, we see that they will honor Eliseo Medina for his "work with immigration reform".  This will be during their "Cardinal McCarrick Award Celebration" this Friday November 7, starting at 6pm at Trinity University in DC.

I was alerted to this by a friend who is on their email list.  The email contains this curious language, not found on the webpage announcement. "We knew that no matter yesterday's election results, we would have to work harder than ever on our core issues: immigration, climate, peacebuilding, and money in politics."  The FAN is an ostensibly Catholic organization.  The issues of baby-murder, contraception, gay lifestyles, abuse of embryos - all issues having to do with intrinsic evils - should be at the top of any "issues" list for any Catholic organization.  However, these serious matters aren't mentioned once!  This is sadly typical of organizations shilling for progressive goals while attempting to maintain a faux-katholyc veneer.

The bio that they supplied for Medina is rather sketchy.  Let's pop to wikipedia.  We see that he is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the SEIU.  Until recently he was one of their executive vice presidents.  I've written enough on the SEIU on this blog; review some of these posts to see how anti-Christian they are.

He's also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.  Pope Piux XI declared that "no one can be a sincere Catholic and true Socialist."  By bestowing honors upon this socialist, the Franciscan Action Network betrays its own stripes.


  1. Yes. The Franciscan Action Network is a liberal activist and socialist group. It is highly supported covertly by the Franciscan Monastery in DC and their sister church St Camillus in Silver Spring. They remind me a bit of a leftist version of Mother of God Community cult in Rockville Md.

  2. There is nothing Franciscan nor Catholic about the Franciscan Action Network. They represent a variety of denominations with beliefs not in accord with Catholic teaching. And they also promote a variety of issues in direct conflict with the teaching of the Catholic Church. They claim to be "Franciscan minded", whatever that means, but they are not professed Franciscans and are not necessarily Catholic. They are a liberal, "progressive", partisan, political action committee. And we Secular Franciscans are forced to support them via our yearly Fair Share stipend, which amounts to $12,500 yearly. It is a scandal.

    God bless and protect all here - Susan, ofs


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