Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From The Maturation Department: Dolan Tries To Discredit Voices Of Truth

At the USCCB meeting last week, Cardinal Dolan apparently voiced a snit over the fact that the truth about the SinNod was promulgated far and wide.  Without realizing it, he gave a back-handed compliment to the independent media who were at the Vatican, those of us utilizing electronic media to spread the word and yes, to the synod fathers who were courageous and clear-minded enough to blow the cover off the shenanigans that Kasper and yes, the Pope, tried to conduct.

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris picks apart Dolan's screed bit by bit.  A question he keeps asking is
Now is Dolan simply trying to intimidate us into silence, to cow us into submission before next year's scheduled debacle?  Well, yes, but I believe it's part of an orchestrated effort.  Recall that as the SinNod closed last month, the Holy Father said we had a year to "mature" before the ordinary SinNod convenes next October.  I believe Dolan's pouting is nothing more than a part of the maturation campaign.  After all, a month has elapsed already!  It's time for the progressives to get the rest of us brainwashed matured!  We gotta get with the program!  Not!


  1. Maybe Cardinal Dolan is trying to mature into this: http://hector1088.blogspot.com/2014/11/god-is-love-in-all-forms-catholic.html, along with two others...

  2. Cardinal Dolan completely discredited faithful honest Catholic Reporters. How outrageous is that? How offensive!!

    1. Well.. He tried to discredit them. All he really succeeded in doing is discrediting himself.


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