Monday, November 10, 2014

Cardinal Burke's Straight-Forward Interview In Vienna - And Why We Bloggers Write

He participated in a panel discussion in Vienna on November 4th, as he was presenting the book "Remaining In The Truth Of Christ".  His Eminence stated that he and the other writers wrote it to rebut the "claims of Cardinal Kasper"; Cardinal Burke is far too restrained, but I'm not.  Those "claims of Cardinal Kasper" are outright heresy.  So who is cashiered from the Vatican and who retains his position of influence?  The moral responsibility for that travesty lies squarely at the feet of Pope Francis, but I digress.

I will link to's post, with video of the discussion.  Note at 12:41 when he that "one of the profound sadnesses of the synod. at least in the first week of the synod, is the seeming forgetfulness of the Magisterium.  It was as if the church for the first time, addressing the question of marriage and teaching about it.."  At 29:04 he called the interim relatio "one of the saddest documents that I could ever imagine coming from the church.."

While it's a little over 40 minutes long, I'd suggest you listen to it.  And by all means, if you haven't done so already, get your own copy of "Remaining In The Truth Of Christ".

Let me raise another point.  If not for the efforts of, Vortex, many good Catholic bloggers and yes, Yours Truly, you may not have heard half of what Cardinal Burke and other faithful Catholics had to say about the SinNod.  Another blogger makes this point quite well.  We humbly endeavor to highlight the truth that other mainstream Catholic media won't broach.  We shine light on cockroaches, as it were.  We will continue to do so.

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  1. Personally, I cannot thank you and others enough for your dedication and faithful witness. You are all truly a Blessing for all of us. The Lord will always throw his children a 'life jacket' in drowning waters, and you and others are our 'life jacket.' Bishop Schneider talks about how grateful he is for the faithful Catholic reporters who are continuing to shine a light in the darkness. I echo his sentiments. God Bless you most abundantly.


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