Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vatican Corruption And Intent Of Many Prelates

In the Vortex from last Thursday, Michael Voris touches upon the obvious corruption in the Vatican.  Much of that was obvious in how the progressives tried to drive the SinNod last month.  Not to be ignored is the corruption that permeated the semi-annual USCCB meeting in Baltimore last week.  After this clip, I ask you to read below it.

I'd now like to turn your attention to a column written by Vincent Chiarello that was published in The Remnant on Thursday entitled "Cardinal Ambition: From Wolsey To Wuerl".  I had not known all the chequered details of Cardinal Wuerl's career, even though I live in the DC archdiocese.  I certainly was aware that as Archbishop of Washington, he is prone to smooch up to rich and powerful "katholyc" dissidents.  When Chiarello mentions "Wuerl approved the removal of a priest from a parish for denying Holy Communion to a self-described agitprop Buddhist lesbian", I don't think he's 100% correct.  He is referring to Father Marcel Guarnizo and that situation happened in my parish.  I wouldn't be surprised if Wuerl not only approved Father Guarnizo's ouster but initiated it.

Now indeed we do find that Cardinal Wuerl's star is rising in the Vatican horizon.  Consider that both Archbishop Wuerl and Archbishop Burke were named cardinals at the same time, and that both men have diametrically opposed views to key areas, such as whether Canon 915 will be obeyed or not.  It was Pope Benedict XVI who called Burke to Rome and placed him in the Congregation for Bishops and named him Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.  After Pope Francis came on the scene, we see Burke removed from both positions and Wuerl essentially replacing him in the Congregation for Bishops.  Moreover, Cardinal Wuerl was one of the six whom Pope Francis unilaterally appointed to help write the interim report for the SinNod.  Frank Walker of Pewsitter put up an article regarding Wuerl's concerns for "pastorally applying" the synod.  That's his excuse not only for disobeying Canon 915 himself but punishing those who do obey it.

That Vortex ended by saying we smell a rat.  Some of us are in very near proximity to them.

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