Thursday, November 6, 2014

More On The Archdiocese Of Washington And Protesters

It does appear, from this Washington Post article, that there are indeed protesters at various Catholic churches who have crossed bounds of decency in the conduct of their protests.  These incidents seem to have occurred within the past several weeks, one of them being at St Pius in Bowie.

Apparently these people on two occasions stormed inside churches.  They were shouting "anti-Catholic" slogans and distributing "fundamentalist literature".  Well, what does that mean?  "Anti-Catholic slogans" is so broad as to be nebulous.  Just what were they saying?  What was on the flyers that they were distributing? Why is the Archdiocese being so coy with this information?  Such information would help us get a glimpse into their mindsets.  I'd imagine that some Catholics would have retained these flyers.   If any of my readers witnessed any of these incidents, would you please relay your experiences and, if possible, summarize what was shouted and what was on the flyers?

No doubt the concerns of the Archdiocese of Washington are well-founded.  Now why could they not have shared them with all Catholics?  Why must we discover these things through the Washington Post?


  1. Two members of my family (who are faithful Catholics) as well as another good and faithful friend were present at St. Andrew's on Saturday, March 25th when protesters - who WERE NOT CATHOLIC - protested against Catholics with the typical insults - we worship Mary, we are not saved, etc. When hearing about this, another VERY FAITHFUL CATHOLIC parishioner indicated that they were probably from the Westboro group or their associates based on these insults, as they are the same types of things they do to interrupt military funerals.


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