Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pope Asks Punk-Rock Blasphemer To Perform At Vatican Christmas Concert

Patti Smith is called the "godmother of punk rock".  It does seem she is an icon to the aging hippy crowd.  She once quipped "Jesus Christ died for somebody's sins but not mine."  I do hope and pray for her repentance and conversion; else that statement will be written in stone to her eternal damnation.  She is said to have been involved in a romantic, later platonic relationship with infamous BSDM artist Robert Mapplethorpe.  These claim her as an influence on their own "work" (using work loosely): Courtney Love, Madonna, Pussy Riot.  I've heard it said that she supports abortion and LGBT rights; I've found no documentation of the former, but I believe her relationships with the late Mapplethorpe and Pussy Riot would lend credence to the latter allegation.

So why, oh why, has a woman of this immoral caliber been invited - by Pope Francis himself - to perform at the official Vatican Christmas Concert on December 13?  What next?  Will the Rolling Stones or maybe a "gangsta-rapper" bunch be doing the Easter Concert?

Besides the disregard for the dignity of the Vatican, invitations such as these can be understandably construed as an affirmation of the aberrant lifestyles and/or stances of these individuals.  The pope's invitation to Patti Smith is to be deplored in no uncertain terms.

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  1. This to me is insanity laid bare. I have often wondered if the Pope is OK. Does he realize what kind of a 'message' he's sending? This of course has nothing to do with infallable teaching, but the perception is horrible. And, as they say, perception is 90% of the law. He must approve of the 'message' otherwise he would not have personally invited her to perform. And it will be televised of course. I have seen articles about this calling him 'The Cool Pope'. Is this really his way of 'evangelizing'? I also read one article that talked about the American Bishops looking at the Pope 'Like a bunch of deer in headlights'. They have no idea what he's really saying or what to do with him. And the laity is right there with them, like deer in headlights.


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