Thursday, November 20, 2014

Something Appropriate For Your CCHD Envelopes - From Lepanto Institute

Michael Hichborn, formerly of the American Life League, has formed an organization called the Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things In Christ.  Read their mission statement from their website.  I highly recommend following this.

Hichborn has done much work while at ALL in terms of exposing the CCHD.  Yesterday he began the website with the publication of this.

See Lepanto's site for important information, including a blatant conflict of interest harbored by CCHD director Ralph McCloud.   For your convenience in printing and distributing these "dollars" to your friends and colleagues for their CCHD collections, download this pdf and send it far and abroad.

For additional info on the scandal known as Catholic Campaign for Human Development, please place that name (or CCHD) in this blog's search box to the top left.  You will get an eyeful of relevant information.  

Remember - say #no2cchd!

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