Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Madness Of Thanking Accomplices To Baby-Murder

Many readers know that on most Saturday mornings I can be found in front of the Planned
Thank me very much!
Parenthood facility in Silver Spring MD.  Abortions, that is, the murder of babies occurs there regularly.  Our attempts to offer help are hindered by a group of pro-abortion activists, hereafter called deathscorts invited there by Planned Parenthood; certainly they don't want us to deprive them of their blood money.

The neighborhood to our north seems to be populated by mostly pro-abortion sympathizers.  Bear in mind this is Silver Spring, one of the most liberal/whacko areas of the state.  Last January I posted about an orchestrated campaign of their's to offer "thanks" to the deathscorts.  Why they offer "thanks" to these misguided individuals is beyond me; suffice it to say that in doing so, they accept part of the guilt for the blood of babies wantonly shed within a mile of their homes.

Well, word must have gotten around that the deathscorts were down in the dumps.  Who wouldn't be, when they're actively participating in the murder of babies?  So the "thank the deathscort" troupe was obviously mobilized to come out en masse today.  I have to say they're so transparent.  They seem to have protocols in place as they congratulate accomplices to baby-murder.  To wit:
  • The deathscort-thanker must be walking a dog.  It is, however, acceptable not to have a dog with you if you're driving by in a car or maybe jogging.
  • The deathscort-thanker must stop and allow the deathscorts to pet the dog.  This allows the deathscorts to pretend that they're kind and gentle as they hustle mothers into the doors and block our efforts.
  • The deathscort-thanker must never, ever ask the pro-life activists why they are there.  To do so might introduce truth to them and cause them to understand that Planned Parenthood is committing murder in their own neighborhood.
Pray for all involved in the murder of babies - and for those who give aid and/or comfort to them.  They place their immortal souls in grave danger of eternal damnation.

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  1. We must keep all involved in our prayers and sacrifices. These poor people are so engulfed in darkness they are completely blinded by it. Thank you again for your faithful witness in spite of the Pope's message that we have become too obessed with abortion.

    Some unrelated news: Check out the article on Pewsitter in reference to the Vatican's Christmas Concert this year. He has invited Sr. Cristine (?) (the Voice of Italy) who likes to sing pop music, and also Patti Smith otherwise known as the 'Godmother of Punk Rock'. In one of her songs she starts out: 'Jesus died for the sins of others but not for mine.' She was born in Chicago and raised as a Jehovah Witness, and 'evolved' from there. She is now studying Budahism, but she thinks all religion is irrelavent. Supposedly, according to reports, he personally invited her to perform. It will also be nationally televised. I mean.......You just can't make this stuff up.


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