Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why Is Pope Francis Admired By Unrepentant Deviants?

From Elton John's warped perspective, his adulation of Pope Francis is entirely logical.  A few days ago, I saw on LifeSiteNews that Elton John, entertainer and flagrant gay activist, heaped praise upon the Holy Father for the latter's ill-advised "who am I to judge" quip.  Recall that in 2006, John called for the banning of religion because many faiths don't coddle the sin of sodomy.  Now he says of the Pope, "(he) wants everybody to be included in the love of God."  With all due respect to John, the fact is that he hasn't the foggiest idea of what constitutes "the love of God", owing to his unabashed disobedience to God's just commands.

Unfortunately there are some sadly-deluded Catholics who believe that such adulation from unrepentant deviants is the greatest thing since life's bread.  Mark Shea of the patheos network is one of them.  Because the patheos bloggers are compensated based on the number of hits they receive, I will not link to his piece; I suppose those interested can google it if they wish.  He thinks that because of Pope Francis, John and others "are revisiting what the gospel has to say".  Not so.  They believe that the Pope will help them revise what the gospel has to say.

Later he chides faithful Catholics by stating "Such people don't want the gospel.  They want a little system of order that keeps them safe from the radical demands of love that Christ lays upon us.  They want to keep people out of the Church.."  Note the silly attempt to divorce the Gospel from - wait for it! - the Gospel.  I don't know what he thinks this "little system of order" is.  I think it's a derisive term for trivial things such as the Ten Commandments, the Magisterium, etc - trivialities that were established by God Himself.  Here's a big lesson to learn: if "radical demands" deviate from what Shea calls "a little system of order", these demands have diddly-squat to do with the authentic love of Christ.

Elton John is waxing lyrical over Pope Francis because he believes the latter will attempt to make the mortal sin of homosexual conduct to be acceptable in the Church.  Sadly, I can understand, particularly after the SinNod, how John might have arrived at his conclusion.

Shea seems to think that because a growing number of people, hitherto cold to the Church, are warming up to the Pope, this is a good thing.  Not so - not if these people remain in mortal sin and who now think the Pope will help them dull their consciences.  Perhaps he needs to be reminded that when Jesus walked the face of the earth, He was not popular with all people. After all, one does not find oneself crucified because they won a popularity contest.

To assist in the removal of rose-colored glasses regarding this papacy, I recommend - and will link to - an article written by Pat Buchanan entitled "The Price Of Papal Popularity".  He asks the question, "should the church accommodate itself to a culture as decadent as ours?"  Elton John et al would breathlessly pant in the affirmative.  But of course we are to be the sign of contradiction, speaking truth to immoral power and hedonism that both rules and corrodes our society.

He also said that  "Pope Francis is hugely popular. But his worldly popularity has not come without cost to the church he leads and the truths he is sworn to uphold." Buchanan is correct, and John's statements bear testimony to the veracity of Buchanan's observation.  We have paid a price for the Pope's popularity, as so many - Elton John included - now think their sin is coddled.  So many of us have feared that souls would be scandalized and given bad example by the Pope's questionable doings.  One such poor soul has made that perfectly clear.  Isn't it time the Sheas of this world woke up?


  1. Unfortunately I think that John and Shea are pretty well burrowed in to their twisted thinking. Blinded by the darkness, and desperately wanting to be confirmed in their prideful and arrogant sin of Immorality to be made acceptable. Very sad.

  2. Bishop of Rome: Who am I to judge?

    Pope Felix III Not to oppose error is to approve it, and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and indeed to neglect to confound evil men when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them

  3. It's really confusing when people call the Church "the church". I always think they're referring to the church down the street. It's exactly the same as referring to God as "god".

  4. Shea has been pro-queer for years, this latest rhapsody about Elton John's praise of Pope Francis shouldn't surprise anyone.


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