Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is The Vatican Shilling For Illegal Immigrants?

Last Thursday many of us watched the Messiah Most Miserable spit upon the United States Constitution as he attempted to usurp legislative powers to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in this country.  It is not my purpose to analyze the sludge that oozed from his mouth but to dwell on a concurrent event.

That event is the World Congress on the Pastoral Care of Migrants.  I believe it started November 19th.  Am I the only one who thinks it to be quite a coincidence that this meeting is concurrent with Obama's nonsense?

Let's take a gander at some of the Pope's remarks during this Congress; "When encountering migrants, it is important to adopt an integrated perspective, capable of valuing their potential rather than seeing them only as a problem to be confronted and resolved. The authentic right to development regards every person and all people, viewed integrally. This demands that all people be guaranteed a minimal level of participation in the life of the human community. How much more necessary must this be in the case of the Christian community, where no one is a stranger and, therefore, everyone is worthy of being welcomed and supported”  I agree - when the immigrants come here legally.  If not, they are disrespecting our laws.  If they come here illegally, they are the ones who make themselves strangers.  Again - notice that we see no distinction between law-abiding immigrants and those who flout our rule of law?  I find that lack of distinction, particularly among progressive Catholics, to be patently dishonest.

Earlier in the address he said that the Church "is a mother without limits and without borders".  Well, ok - but the Church is not a nation in the political and temporal sense.  I certainly hope that no one tries to draw a false analogy and try to adapt that principle to nations.

As I said, I don't think the timing of these two events "just happened".  Most likely the White House glommed onto this Congress since the latter would have required a long time to plan.  But I certainly expect to see more cooperation, uh, "coincidences" in the future.

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