Monday, November 24, 2014

USCCB Doesn't Know The Church's Primary Mission

Once upon a time there was no question regarding the Church's primary mission.  As a refresher, I present Baltimore Catechism Question 137: "Why did Jesus Christ found the Church?  Jesus Christ founded the Church to bring all men to eternal salvation."  In short, the Church's all-encompassing mission is to save souls from hell and lead them to heaven.  Anything else that the Church does must be done with the aim of facilitating that first mission - not replacing it with anything else, good as that "anything else" may be.

Sadly, over the years we've seen the Church hierarchy focused more on temporal matters rather than their chief mission.  And even the "temporal matters" leave something to be desired, for all too often the USCCB and its state affiliates have fallen lock-step in with Democratic and progressive efforts.  The latest scandal of the USCCB supporting Obama's amnesty initiative is just the latest example.  It seems to matter not a whit to the bishops that once again the Messiah Most Miserable is jettisoning the rule of law to flood this country with illegal immigrants.  I've detailed before how the bishops have a financial stake in aiding and abetting the president's violation of oath of office.  In their high-sounding prattlings regarding illegals, the bishops and their henchmen blur the very real distinctions between those crashing our borders legally and those who abide by our laws.

I don't intend to focus on illegal immigration in this post.  I merely cite it as the latest glaring example of the US bishops selling their souls and high offices to facilitate progressive causes so that they can receive their "thirty pieces of silver".  Of course in all the endless screeds they vomit forth regarding illegals, we hear nary a word about the salvation of their souls.  Perhaps, though, the bishops are merely following directives that seem to be emanating from the Vatican.

Yesterday, during his homily, the Holy Father uttered these troubling words: "The starting point of salvation is not the confession of the sovereignty of Christ, but rather the imitation of Jesus’ works of mercy through which he brought about his kingdom."  Pardon my french, but His Holiness has things precisely ass-backwards.  Please see this excellent analysis by "From Rome" to understand why the Pope may have uttered heresy (albeit not solemnly).  One can see, though, how progressives would believe that this pontificate may very well be giving them carte-blanche permission to be spewing their progressive poison and touting it as "catholic teaching"; hence the slop oozing forth from the USCCB regarding immigration.

Let me make an important point on how the SinNod may have endangered souls.  Recall the interim report and its three paragraphs that were intended to compromise the Church's teachings on divorce and homosexuality.  If Archbishop Forte, Cardinal Kasper et al have their way, sins of the flesh will be validated by the Church.  Now recall what Our Lady of Fatima said to the three children about those who go to hell.  She told them that most who go to hell do so because of "sins of the flesh".  Of course she meant sexual sins.  These so-called church leaders, by their attempts to enable sins against marriage, are contributing to the damnation of souls, not their salvation.  Pray that they'll see and repent of their errors and that more prelates like Cardinals Burke, Muller et al will rise.

Let us oppose error, no matter its source.


  1. Just a magnificently astute post, on every level!

  2. Amen, Amen and AMEN! The job of the Church, is to help GET PEOPLE TO HEAVEN! Be they rich, poor, immigrant or native. This message of social justice, be it immigration reform or feeding the poor seems to be the end game with our Hierarchy. And as if the Church hasn't fed the poor, clothed the naked, welcomed the immigrant, taught the children, cared for the sick in the past 2,000 years? Hmm....really? The Church has been number one in all areas of social justice in the past 2,000 years BAR NONE!!!! We have ALWAYS been NUMBER ONE in this area. What happened to: attend Mass regularly, go to regular Confession, Pray the Rosary, read daily Scripture, develop a daily prayer life, receive the sacraments often? Or when have we heard from the pulpit about sin, hell, purgatory, and how to avoid all? I haven't heard any of this for over 40 years now. I think the Hierarchy has forgotten about all of that. I guess according to some of them, it doesn't really matter what kind of sin we commit as long as we take care of the least among us, we will make it to Heaven! It makes one wonder if they know anything about the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Kind of scary really.


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