Sunday, November 2, 2014

Introducing The Maturation Department With Marquette's LGBTQ Masses

A few hours ago I said that I'd be adding to that list quite a bit over the year.  I didn't think, though, that I'd be adding to it so soon.  To accommodate all these additions, I now institute my "maturation department".  I do so to point out these things as they occur as I believe they may well be part of a coordinated effort to get the decent bishops to swallow pro-sodomite poison by the time the ordinary synod rolls around next year.

The Cardinal Newman Society reports that Marquette University started conducting "LGBTQ and allied community Masses" on October 22, 2014.  It appears that these things will be held monthly.  The Louis Joliet Society, a group of alumni, parents and other interested individuals are raising concerns regarding how - and even if -  Church teaching will be communicated and upheld properly during these Masses.  Both they and the Cardinal Newman Society have broached these questions with University officials; neither have received any response to date.

I rather think we can guess the answer to that.  Note that Masses are being offered, with no mention of Confession.  During these Masses, will Holy Communion be denied to practicing gays?  If not, mortal sins will be committed during these monthly Masses.

Please notice that this practice was inaugurated on October 22, the time of the SinNod (or just thereafter).  This is no coincidence.  Have we yet discovered another tentacle of this "maturation squid"?

Cardinal Burke gave two interviews last week.  In one, he stated that "there is a strong sense that the Church is like a ship without a rudder" and he's "praying very fervently that this coming year that this confusion will stop.."   Good Catholics will join His Emnence in this prayer. But we must also consider that there are dangerous elements within the Church hierarchy that seek to foster this confusion so that they can more easily introduce their doctrinal poisons more easily.  We must be alert this coming year to such tactics as we pray.


  1. In Chicago, we have a Mass once a month for these people, but there is a huge difference, at least to date. They are (I believe) part of the 'Courage' group that seeks to be chaste and gaining support from each other as they carry their cross. Cardinal George celebrates the Masses. These people need our prayers, because they are the ones being attacked by the evil one through all this. They are angry as well. I cannot even imagine what they are going through watching their 'cross' being attacked so to speak. They are true saints in the making. This, on the other hand, has the smell of sulfur.

    1. The Chicago Masses are weekly, sponsored by AGLO, a pro-homosexual their 25th anniversary Mass, Cardinal George refused Communion to a sash-wearing man but a fellow choir member re-entered the Communion line and got him a Host. As far as I know, no disciplinary action was taken.


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