Monday, November 3, 2014

Prayer ALONE Just Won't Suffice

Today's Vortex details the efforts by the progressives to brainwash help Catholics to "mature" towards embrace of sodomy and other vices against marriage coupled with sacrilegious Holy Communions.  Actually, Voris didn't use the word "mature" but I do in the sense that Pope Francis invoked that term in his final address of the SinNod.

There certainly is a bombardment; I've written a bit about that already and I'm sure more is to come.  It is this bombardment, this maturation process, that must be resisted.  We have to speak out and oppose the errors.  I'll take the thought a step beyond Voris's and say we must resist the errors that come even from the Pope himself.  I emphasize that the Pope does not err when he speaks solemnly of faith and morals, but there have been other serious errors.

To my friends who think they can retreat into prayer alone without confronting the error and maybe getting some "dirt under the nails" as it were, I join Voris in insisting that you come down from the "heads in the clouds" mentality.

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