Saturday, August 25, 2018

Another Jesuit In The Vatican

From Church Militant we read of a Jesuit in the Vatican chiding an Ohio prosecutor for seeking the death penalty in relation to a murder that he is prosecuting.  The Jesuit is Father Paul Mueller and the Ohio official is Joseph Deters, Prosecutor for Hamilton County, Ohio.  Mueller is trying to bamboozle Deters into believing that 2000-year-old Church teaching no longer exists, owing to the way that Pope Francis is trying to mutate it.

A canon lawyer who spoke with Church Militant flat out said that Mueller is wrong and that he himself has committed canonical crimes of calumny and defamation against Deters.  I'm just wondering when outfits such as "People for the American Way" and "Freedom from Religion Foundation" are going to rally to Deters' assistance.  After all, aren't they all about "separation of church and state"?  Or does that only work when the clergy is upholding actual (instead of imitation) Church teaching?

I looked around for more information in Mueller in addition to what is on the CM site.  He is an author of sorts.  His "scholarly" works include a book entitled, "Would You Baptize An Extraterrestrial?"  Yeah, that should solve all the problems of the universe and quench the thirst of the human heart!  One wonders what about this case would pique his interest since they are thousands of miles apart.  That is its own mystery.

By the way - since Mueller is so quick to charge into this situation (in which he has no authority to do so), please point out to me all the times he has railed against Catholic politicians who support baby-murder and gay perversions.  Please do so in the com-box, but be advised that I won't be holding my breath.

Speaking of the death penalty, this is an interesting read about why opponents of the death penalty among the clergy might have been predisposed to shield their perverted colleagues from the consequences of their mortal sins.

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  1. The Jesuits ceased to be Catholic decades ago. I no longer attend their "retreats" not do I support them financially.


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