Tuesday, August 28, 2018

More On The Vigano Statement

Now come reports of various individuals - including the Pope Emeritus - of Vigano's testimony being corroborated.  The National Catholic Register's sources confirm that Pope Benedict XVI did indeed discipline the errant former cardinal McCarrick.  Of course Pope Francis completely disregarded them and allowed McCarrick free reign and much influence in the process of selecting new bishops.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix released a statement that appears on the diocesan website.  He knows Vigano and vouches for his honesty and character.  He urges that "Vigano's testimony be taken seriously by all".

Msgr Jean-Francois Lantheaume, a former Nunciaoture official, vouched for Vigano's honesty.  We have now been informed that Archbishop Vigano has fled and gone into hiding in fear for his life.  His fear is understandable.  Consider in his testimony he said that his two predecessors died "prematurely".  Both?  That's quite the coincidence.  Also consider how two of the dubia cardinals both died within a short period of the dubia being released.  These evil thugs in the Vatican seem to play for keeps.


  1. Yes, he is in danger....pray for him that the angels surround him for protection. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....Cardinal Cupich (we're so lucky in Chicago!) in an interview statement said that the "Pope has more important things to deal with than this Vigano testimony" He thinks there are "people that don't like him because he's Latino". Nope....you just can't make this stuff up!!! Now, I guess we're all racist? Just maybe, Cardinal Cupich, we don't like the anti Catholicism oozing from him 24/7. And just maybe we're not too crazy about a Pope that covers up for a serial predator. Besides that Cardinal Cupich, Francis actually has Italian blood running thru his veins.

  2. I don’t know what drugs they are taking at Lifesitenews, but Pope Benedict’s secretary has stated uncatgorically that Pope Benedict has never talked to anyone about the Viganò memo and has absolutely not confirmed the veracity of Viganò’s claims. In fact, the Pope’s secretary called it fake news.


    1. I take anything from the Patheos network with copious grains of salt.

    2. This story was only repeated on Patheos. The original story is from a German source, which you would know if you clicked on the link, You don’t like it because you don’t want to believe it. But refusing to believe it doesn’t make it any less true.

      Pope Benedict has made it clear he wants nothing to do with the Viganò memo.

    3. Thank you for making abundantly clear that you are simply trying to discredit Archbishop Vigano and his testimony. You have provided no proof that Patheos or this German link are accurate, save your own say-so.

  3. https://adw.org/news/statement-regarding-archbishop-viganos-testimony/

    Get a load of the last paragraph!


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