Saturday, August 4, 2018

It's Not Just About Capital Punishment

In a blog post yesterday, Msgr Pope appears to be minimizing the damage done by Pope Francis' attempt to change Church doctrine and to chide faithful Catholics (including Yours Truly) into silence.  Please remember that this blog is hosted on a server owned by the Archdiocese of Washington and that he has been quashed by them before.  However, if you read through the comments, you'll see that many of his readers comprehend the far-reaching implications of this latest action by Pope Francis.  Edward Feser of First Things elaborates on this further.

The Not-At-All Catholic Reporter opined last week that abortion should not be criminalized and that if we really want to end abortion, we'll need "support for birth control".  In other words, to eliminate one evil, substitute another.  In this screed against laws to prevent abortion, I wonder what the authors would think if we were to substitute "racism" for "abortion"?  But I digress.

Of course they waxed lyrical over Francis' death penalty gaffe and what they acknowledge as an attempt to change Church teaching.  They really have no concern for obeying Church teaching, as evidenced by their dismissive attitudes towards contraception.  But perhaps they believe that the pope will try to bastardize the Church's teachings on contraception.  I regret they may be correct in that prediction.


  1. It can't be just hubris responsible for the blatant apostasy and faithlessness of these hirelings. Even in their obviousness we can see God's permitting will and plan at work. They have no fear, there is no reason to hide their Communism and little reason to hide their homosexuality. Right now, all the power is theirs.
    But this cannot continue. Satan has his day, and God will have His.
    We should all prepare in case we do not have each other for consolation. We may have to carry on as best we can. The internet is likely to squeeze hard on orthodox Catholics.

  2. It is long past time to get rid of this pathetic Poop Francis, and everything that came after VII, including the Catechism of JPII. Stay with the Baltimore Catechism!

  3. There are more than a few clerics that are trying to 'minimize' the damage done by Francis with this latest heresy. One on twitter that is arguing that this 'changing of the catechism' on the death penalty was NOT DONE EX CATHEDRA, so of course, not to worry, right? I told him flat out that I am really all done listening to this 'not done Ex Cathedra' and so it doesn't matter crap. This guy is harming the Church and he IS CHANGING DOCTRINE THRU THE BACK DOOR AS IS HIS NORMAL M.O. And if anyone with a pea for a brain doesn't realize that more is coming from him in the changing of the catechism with other Doctrines, they're just ignoring the entire situation. The gay 'Catholics' in a group favored by 'Fr. James Martin' himself is already clamoring for him to change Doctrine on the intrinsic evil of homosexual sex not a sin anymore. I mean seriously.....people actually think that he is going to stop with changing the death penalty? Give me a BREAK!!!!!

    1. TLM you are of course correct. There is no stopping the man, now that he has taken the step forward into being a church of One, himself. He has abused the office once again, but this time, in a new way. He has sprung a new teaching, a break from prior teaching, and inflicted it on the church wholesale, no debate, no theological discussion, just, himself. His appeal for "collegiality" is laughable when we see how much a Peronist dictator he actually is. He quotes himself only, because he has no support for this, except for the sellouts and wimpy, dopey Catholics who don't realize they are helping him to take on authority and power even he does not have. His job is to defend the faith as it is and pass it down, period, not insert his own agenda into the church and change it to an effeminate, Marxist ruin.

    2. PINO (Pope in name only) Francis needs to go. Yesterday isn't soon enough.


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