Monday, August 6, 2018

Cdl Wuer's Stroke Of Genius - Or Whatever

In the wake of the scandals rocking the bishops and cardinals, Catholics in the US can now breathe a sigh of relief, as our intrepid prelates are on the job!  Why, just today Cardinal Wuerl called for a panel to investigate such allegations of bishops!  And just whom does Wuerl suggest should be members of this sterling panel?  Why, bishops, of course!  This panel would operate under the authority of (trumpets and drum rolls please), the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!  Who else? What could possibly go right with such an arrangement?  /sarc

Seriously!  How stupid and naive does Wuerl think we are?  We haven't forgotten that his good buddy and immediate predecessor is the one whose stench set off our alarms.  Moreover, we also understand that Wuerl has his own troubling history from his days in Pittsburgh.  His suggestion is analogous to Frank James suggesting that he set watch over his brother Jesse.  So either Wuerl thinks we're idiots or he really doesn't take the matter seriously at all - or maybe both.

By the way..  Let's say that some similar panel were set up in Argentina.  Wanna bet how that good-old-boy outfit would address this one?

Please continue to withhold your donations from your chanceries.


  1. Better yet, let The Humble Bishop Francis, stinking of the sheep, handle this one. He will have plenty of help, as he has already surrounded himself with homos.

  2. There have been a few 'suggestions' to date on how to handle this demonic infestation. The wolves guarding their own hen house is laughable. Even a 'lay panel' would be useless as they would be compromised by the Bishops. Someone even suggested having a few 'big cheese' Catholics give them a talking to on how SINFUL they've all been and how it has 'ruined lives'. SINFUL? This goes beyond even heinous behavior. These men need a major exorcism. The extent of the diabolical narcissism is through the roof. As one unnamed priest said and I'm paraphrasing: "These men are so power hungry that they will literally do ANYTHING to hang onto power....ANYTHING!..They are not about love, compassion, saving souls in the least...furthest thing from their minds. They are ruthless, vicious narcissists that will ruin anyone that gets in their way."..........WOW.....from a priest on the inside. them a 'talking to' is the most laughable idea yet. One other priest said that there are quite a number of Catholics that don't really understand how EVIL these men really are. Such evil, he said that you cannot even imagine it.

  3. What's wrong with a panel of police detectives?

  4. Yeh, right: a bishops' committee to check out the bishops. Perhaps now that +TEM has time, he can perform his "life of prayer and penance" by sorting through the sordid on behalf of the USCCB.

  5. Wuerl is desperate. He may be next.


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