Friday, August 3, 2018

DC Area Catholics, Get Ready To Take Action This Weekend!

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington, it is absolutely incumbent upon each and every one of us - no exceptions - to boycott the second collection this weekend!  It is the annual collection for that snake-in-the-grass organization known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (and don't let their cute name mutation deceive you).  The CCHD is evil in and of itself, but now we have additional reason to withhold our money.  You have seen this week the reasons why our dioceses must feel our "power of the purse" for their wanton diversion of funds to pay off the settlements for our pervert prelates.  We will not drop one penny in the diocesan coffers until they repent of facilitating McCarrick's disgraceful conduct.  Cardinal Wuerl, present archbishop of Washington, has been implicated in multiple coverups - not only of McCarrick but quite a few pervert priests during his time in Pittsburgh.  This chancery needs to be starved until all filth is purged from it.

Last Sunday I posted an envelope stuffer that you can put in your CCHD envelope; drop that in the basket instead of money.  It is important that the clergy know exactly why their collection intake is less than what they expected.  With this flyer (or your own note), you'll be exercising the Spiritual Works of Mercy such as: rebuking the sinner, educating the ignorant.

I'm now posting yesterday's episode of the World Over.  The discussion revolves around the bishop sex abuse scandal AND the pope's attempt to mutate Church teaching on the death penalty.  Some have been erroneously claiming that this teaching change is meant to divert our attention from the bishop sex scandal.  Maybe - or maybe it's the other way around.  Perhaps the bishop abuse thing was allowed to break to provide cover for this attempt to undermine the understanding that Church teaching is immutable because God, the source of that teaching, is Himself immutable.  Interestingly enough, even gay activists understand the implications of this dangerous precedent that the pope is attempting to establish.  After all, if Church teaching on the death penalty can change, why not other teachings - for example, teachings on homosexuality?  From their evil perspective, they understand it, as evidenced by this New Ways article.

Please listen to this entire clip.  Many important points are made in it.

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