Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Two Important Developments

The long-awaited PA Grand Jury Report has been released.  The pdf is here.  Please download it to your machines, in case there are attempts to take it offline.  Please note that the section on the Diocese of Pittsburgh, with then-Bishop Donald Wuerl at the helm, starts on page 210 of the file.  I just now had opportunity to download it and will study it later.  Others who have already read it state that the record of Cardinal Wuerl's cover-up crimes is incontrovertible, and lends weight to calls for his resignation.  Perhaps prosecution is in order.  Aiding and abetting is its own crime, and as far as Catholic morality goes, Wuerl most certainly did cooperate with many mortal sins.

When news of this whole mess broke, I immediately started to think of protests at the bishops' November meeting in Baltimore.  Apparently I was not alone.  Six well-known pro-life/Catholic organizations have formed a coalition for the purpose of organizing a presence at the USCCB's semi-annual gabfest.  Their website is thebishopsknew.com.   Please consider supporting this effort with your presence (details are still to be determined).

Also, please consider the cessation of donations to dioceses that are:
  • named in this report
  • headed by prelates named in this report who have aided and abetted these predators
  • the present homes to any of these predator clergy
  • led by prelates who are trying to affect a dismissive attitude towards this mess
We will let the corrupt clergy (and other cowardly clergy) get away with any more cover-up.  The silence stops now.


  1. Until homosexuality is excised from within the Church, the problem will continue.

  2. After that, we can work on eliminating the Novus
    Ordo Mass!

  3. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (R.I.C.O.)

  4. An update: 'Cdl' Wuerl was interviewed on Channel 5 (Fox News..Local) and said NO, he's NOT going to resign. He is already 77 yrs. old, 2 years past retirement so????


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