Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cardinal Wuerl - Fugitive From US Justice?

I'll let this video speak for itself, but will post some other thoughts below it.

Speaking of "fugitive", he may not be the only one.  Remember that "place of penance" that was posted yesterday?  According to George Neumayr, the journalist that discovered it, the palatial hovel now looks rather deserted.  In other words, is McCarrick joining Wuerl?

If all this is true, that means that we of the Archdiocese of Washington may soon be receiving a new prelate.  All this "cloak and dagger" does lead me to believe that the replacement might well not be along the lines of Cupich or Tobin or McElroy.  For all we know, exit strategies might be in the works for them, too.  If nothing else, that would clear a lot of stench out of the air of US Churches.


  1. Don't be naive. Francis wants to get Wuerl and McCarrick out so they can avoid arrest, interrogation and prosecution by federal authorities. Francis doesn't give a damn about anything but his own power. Why and how do you think Wuerl, McElroy, Cupich and Tobin got to where they are? You think Frankie is going to appoint an "orthodox" prelate? Are there any orthodox prelates left in the developed world?

    Catholicism has been under divine condemnation ever since Leo XIII saw Jesus give Satan permission to destroy it within a century. This is the denouement.

    1. I didn't say he'd appoint an orthodox prelate - just not one along the lines of Tobin et al. He'd be a "low profile" guy who would try not to rile us - at least for a little while.

  2. What has gone thru my mind: Wuerl is not the ONLY prelate that would have covered for McCarrick or even others, there are MANY more. So....if Wuerl and maybe even McCarrick have taken a fast plane to Rome, (before the feds may yank their passports) how many others will follow? Wuerl would yes, be the 'main man' so to speak for the Feds to investigate....but....they have other fish in the pond. Are they ALL maybe going to hide out in the Vatican? Such a question normally would be ludicrous, but we are living in ludicrous times within the Church. You really just cannot make this stuff up.

    I'm not sure how much jurisdiction the Feds have to investigate the Vatican itself. I don't think much, but I'm just not that well versed on their capacity in that dept. What 'rights' do they or don't they have? Big ?????


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