Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Gay Seminarian Pipeline From South America

As you listen to this, keep in the back of your mind the USCCB's unceasing shilling for 1) amnesty for border-crashers and 2) open border.  Might this offer a glimpse as to another potential motive for their stances?  Makes sense to me!  The perverts in the chanceries wouldn't want anything to prevent the growth of their "stables" now, would they?

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  1. One of our former Pastors (out of Church money approved by the board) bought a very expensive gift for an Assistant Priest for transportation purposes. This was back a few years. The parishioners were upset not because of his need for transportation, but because of the caliber of the gift. This Assistant was of course from the area that the video by CM is referring to. I so hate this that I even have suspicions about this. I have no proof whatsoever that anything of a nefarious nature was going on at all. But even the question in my mind is upsetting to me. It goes to show how there is NO TRUST whatsoever left for our clergy. Pray for me. Pray for all of us that are struggling with this Demonic infestation in the Church of Christ that are on such an emotional roller coaster after such intense evil has been revealed. And.....I fear there is much more to come. Please Blessed Mother, protect your children and hide them under your Mantle.


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