Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Catholic Standard Goes Into Damage Control Mode

Just a little reminder.  Many years ago, the Standard had a "letters to the editor" section; a fair number of mine were printed.  However, as soon as ex-cardinal McCarrick announced his intentions to hold Canon 915 in disregard, that section disappeared from the paper and remains gone today.  Inside contacts indicate that the Standard was flooded with letters decrying McCarrick's nose-thumbing at the Blessed Sacrament and received orders from "on high" not to publish one of them.  That silence was a key motivation behind my start of the website and this blog.

Therefore it is no surprise that the Standard is in full "damage control" mode in the wake of the PA report.  As you read the Standard piece, notice a few things:
  • Pennsylvania released the report today.  The Standard article is dated today.  So are we to believe that the Standard staff had time to study the report, write the article and upload it to their site on the same day that the report was released?  Or was this sorry excuse of a rebuttal crafted ahead of the report's release?
  • I fail to detect any specific examples of inaccuracies regarding Wuerl that are allegedly in the report.  We see just a bunch of blather about "standards" etc.
In this same Standard issue is a letter that the Cardinal sent to his priests - again, the same smoke and mirrors.

Such speed!  Such alacrity!  The Standard is most prompt with its damage control, even if it's rather inept.  However, they cannot be faulted, for no one can defend the indefensible and still claim to have an ounce of intelligence and integrity.

I wonder if the Standard will bring back its "letters to the editor" feature.  Just kidding!


  1. The Chancellor tells us the report is "flawed." Presumably, an "unflawed" report would be written by bishops less affected by the un-"massive, massive crisis," counseling us to "pray" while they sign settlement checks from liquidated parishes approved by canonical chancellors with provisions for nondisclosure. (BTW, submitted this same comment on the Standard page).

  2. That's because this "isn't a crisis", per The Donald!

  3. Who could deny the “interesting” timing of the release of this truthfilled report on the Vigil of Our Lady’s Feast Day? Holy Mary Mother of God!

  4. Wuerl should be laicized and prosecuted for being complicit in criminal activity. Along with many many many others. They should all be behind bars. They have now pretty much completely (with Fr. Rosica's pronouncement that basically Bergoglio is KING AND RULER of Catholic teaching, & we are disregarding Scripture and Tradition) destroyed the Church....not the real Church.....but the institutional Church is all but dead......She is taking her last breaths.


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