Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bill Donohue Is Sticking His Feet In His Mouth

Last week I pointed out that Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, is not a journalist per se and as a layman has no particular unction to ferret out the misdeeds of the Catholic clergy.  By the same token, though, he has no particular expertise to besmirch the work done by the State of Pennsylvania in putting out the report to which I linked yesterday.  But that is what Donohue seems to be doing in this post on the League site.  Fortunately it's not a long piece so it won't be too much trouble to dissect and rebut.

First, let's look at the title: "PA Grand Jury Report Based On Accusations".  So what?  Of course it is!  That is the nature and purpose of grand juries: to decide if the available evidence constitutes cause for criminal indictment.  It usually is the body that actually brings the indictment to court.  Donohue states that plain fact in such a way to cast doubt on the grand jury's integrity.  It is true that this report shines the light on misdeeds of clergy now deceased or now out of reach because of the statute of limitations.  However, some instances are somewhat recent and can be brought to trial.  It also shines the light on prelates who willfully concealed the crimes of their underlings and might make some ripe for prosecution.

"When the dust settles, what counts are the facts".  Has he looked at the report?  There are multiple testimonies regarding the same clerics.  There are photocopies of letters and other documentation.  There are money trails.  Bring on the facts!

"Many of those named are not priests: the list includes lay persons, deacons, and seminarians".  He forgot to add "bishops".  The point is that all accused were operating in church-related scenarios, under the authority of the hierarchy when they committed their crimes.  But let's look again at Donohue's curious omission of the word "bishops" in that sentence.  One key feature of this grand jury report is that it details the nefarious roles played by prelates either in the commission of the crimes themselves and/or by concealment of the crimes of their underlings and refusal to bring dangerous underlings to heel.

"Even among the living, most have not had opportunity to rebut the accusations".  Excuse me, but what's to stop them from doing so now?  Let them do so - if they can.

"In most cases there has been no attempt by the dioceses or the grand jury to verify the accusations.  This is what happens when an investigation extends back to World War II."  Again, the purpose of a grand jury is to bring forth accusations, not conduct the actual trial.  As far as the dioceses goes, many have been doing everything in their power to stymie any real investigation; they are interested only in silencing the victims and "damage control".  The latest evidence of that can be seen in my post from yesterday.  As far as the "world war 2" quip goes, that is necessary because there was no investigation of the crimes that occurred back then.

Then there's this: "Those awaiting a grand jury report on the sexual abuse of minors in the public schools, or among the clergy of other religions, shouldn’t hold their breath. It will never happen."  Talk about an irrelevant straw man!  As far as the crimes go that have been committed by clergy - including bishops, what happens outside the church is irrelevant.  At least these public school teachers and protestants aren't committing sacrilege against the Sacrament of Holy Orders and vows of celibacy.

Then in this tome Donohue says that the "bishops strike the right tone".  We're not concerned about "tone".  We're concerned about truth.  Any bishop who concealed any pervert clergy - even if that pervert is a fellow bishop - should resign.


  1. Like I said, Donohue is a hack...but that's just my opinion.

    1. I agree that he rates criticism for his shilling against the report. He doesn't rate it simply because others imperiously declare that he's a "journalist" and then fault him for not conforming to their definition of his mission.

  2. Donohue does not get the fact that if he uncritically defends the Church even when the Church is clearly covering up gross sinfulness and crime he does nobody a favor.

  3. Donahue is paid $500,000 salary—he is the hush man of the prelates and has a long history of this.

  4. Thanks for mentioning big Bill. Probably sending out his resumes now to used car dealers. Do we as faithful Catholics NOT hear the deafening silence from the “leaders” throughout the country? It is telling that these guys who come out with A LETTER & POSITION statement on everything from illegals to climate change are keeping their heads under the tables on these obvious homosexual- by far- evil acts and coverups come to light. Then they send $500k Bill out to push back on THE TRUE FACTS. This is great news as it is the first time in my life I’ve seen these guys clam up. Boys, we’re no longer your flyover country bumpkins any longer. Additionally we are stopping your money flow. And for that I humbly believe on the day of our judgement before Jesus we will hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

  5. Pay me $500,000 a year and I will say the same things!

  6. I will get an email with that nonsense, and I will blast it post haste.
    I once supported the Catholic League. I will not support covering for and enabling these bishops. Bill Donahue watched Cdl. Dolan say "Bravo!" to a man who came out as gay or said he was going to marry his male partner, or something, and allowed the historic St. Patrick's Day Parade to be taken over by LGBT activists, even saying nothing when pro-life groups were not allowed to march but homosexuals were, and are. He acted as Grand Master of the parade, and grinned and acted the Catholic buffoon publicly. It's all a joke, isn't it, this whole Catholic thing. (Some people just take it too seriously...) The New York diocese is a well known hotbed of homosexual activity and scandals, and obviously, nobody has cleaned house there so draw your own conclusions.
    Bill Donahue has not to my knowledge said much about this. I could be wrong, but I don't see him criticizing Cdl. Dolan for any of it. Nope, it's all just a big joke.

  7. That many is a joke and he makes a very big salary. I was once a member of this "league" but no more and never again.

  8. Bill Donohue is a card carrying member of the Deep State lobbyist cartel, representing the USCCB interests to politicians and the social media-complex.

    He was hired to represent their interests to that government-media constituency. It is obvious and clear those interests are not aligned with Christ or His Bride; or with the safety of our children.

    He has no credibility. He is a lobbyist hack. And his client, American Bishops, are not exactly lighting the world on fire, right now, for the Gospel and holy name of Jesus Christ. If you want leftist political programs and social control, he's your guy.

    If he came out against the Bishops on behalf of our children, in the name of their best friend and defender Jesus Christ, I might listen.

    1. They pay him $500,000 a year!

    2. I looked at the latest 990 that was available on Guidestar. While the Catholic League did pay him that, I see no evidence that the USCCB paid Catholic League. If such evidence exists, please advise.

    3. Who pays him is not the issue as much as the positions he takes. He is well paid. He is sitting on a foundation worth hundreds of millions of dollars. What he does, regardless of his Charter, is advance the views and interests of US Bishops.

      His response to the PA revelations is utterly inadequate; a defense of hierarchical privilege. He specifically targeted "conservative Catholics" as "irrational, hysterical, unable to form a cogent argument".

      There is no defense of these pedo sex crimes. There is only one proper response: pure rage. That may as well have been my child sexually destroyed by Priests of God. With many young, vulnerable children in my family, the risk actually remains.

      PA AG's report is a heroic and worthy effort to expose and end the most heinous systemic sex crimes in the history of our Church. Well done, secular leader! Where were you, Donohue and the Catholic Bishops? Without the AG, we would remain oblivious to these unexposed ongoing crimes.

      Donohue's response mirrors that of the US Bishops: defensive crouch, defend the hierarchy and the status quo. Unacceptable.


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