Saturday, August 25, 2018

George Neumayr Barred From Entering Church Below Wuerl's Residence

This afternoon a group of faithful Catholics gathered on the sidewalk in front of Our Lady Queen of the Americas Church.  It's located on Embassy Row in Washington DC. They interceded for the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl and for a general cleansing of Holy Mother Church from all the sexual perversion and impurity that seems to have gripped a large number of our clergy, both priests and bishops.  Why was that church chosen?  Because Cardinal Wuerl resides in a penthouse atop the Church.

George Neumayr, Catholic investigative journalist and author of "The Political Pope", joined in that effort.  He then attempted to attend the 5pm Mass inside that church - and was prevented from entering by the pastor, Father Alejandro Diaz.  Neumayr recorded that encounter on his cell phone and posted it to Facebook.  As Neumayr recorded it, he was quite astute in enunciating the various issues at play - with one exception.  I'll point that out after you watch this encounter.

Notice that at the 0:56 mark, as Neumayr is talking, Diaz's lips are moving, as though he is muttering.  Why?  Is he praying?  To whom or what is he praying?  I cannot see how he's praying to God while acting in blatant disobedience to Church law and basic justice.  What is going on?  This is utterly bizarre, if not downright ominous.

There are those who might be frightened by occurrences such as this.  While these do show the depths to which the evil gnomes in the clergy will sink, it also displays how frightened they are at the prospects that their gig is up.  Please continue to pray your Rosaries and speak out.  We can speak out against this miscarriage of justice by calling and/or emailing Diaz and letting him know that we are watching.  Here is the contact info (note: you may have to translate it into English).


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