Friday, August 17, 2018

Washington Archdiocese In Full Panic Meltdown

In an earlier post, I observed that the local Catholic prelates were in "damage control mode".  Well, now the "damage control" has morphed into "full panic meltdown".  Earlier this week, the ADW launched a site called "The Wuerl Record".  From what I understand, it was an attempt by the Cardinal to say that "golly gee-wizz, I'm not such a bad guy after all, yada-yada-yada."  It sounds like it was an exercise at pure self-aggrandizement.  I never got to see it for it didn't take too much time for the site to be laughed off the internet.  Ed McFadden, Communications Director for the ADW, took responsibility for the fiasco; when he took it down, he announced "in hindsight, it was a mistake".  One wonders if McFadden really is to blame for the bomb, or if he's just "taking it on the chin for the team".  He is correct that it was a mistake.

That was how the Archdiocese of Washington tried to handle its public image.  However, the Archdiocese sees the aggrieved Catholics who are angry at the Cardinal for allowing them an/or loved ones to be victimized.  So what does a Prince of the Church do in that circumstance?  Why, he seeks legal refuge!  Will that work before God's Judgment Throne?

The skeptical reader might ask why I make such a big deal of these developments?  Let me begin to answer by asking my own questions: How is all this being financed?  Who is footing the bill?  Hint: if you live in the Archdiocese of Washington, you can answer these questions by staring into your mirror.  Consider that the next time you hear or see any whining and sniveling from your pastors about the "harm done" by denying the chancery your donation dollars.

By the way - in yesterday's Washington Post is an editorial entitled "Cardinal Wuerl Must Go".  It is a rare occasion when I agree with the Post, but this is one of them.


  1. Arrrrrrrrrrr!..... walk the plank .... ye' have reaped the Wuerl wind of sin..... Arrrrrrrrr... no more free fine wine, fancy dinners, exotic vacations, global travel : paid for by the dummies in the pews!

  2. The legal firm Jones Day charges $50,000 to $75,000 per month for representation, FYI.

    1. Do you begrudge fine representation for a prince of the Church?

    2. The finest he could get would be Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of GOD, the king of the universe.

      You think He'll take on Donna as a client?

    3. That amount of money is ridiculous. It is beyond "fine representation".

    4. Telling the truth shouldn't cost too much money.

  3. When King David committed the crime of adultery and murder, he was soon faced with public exposure and conviction by the Prophet Nathan. His response should guide us all, but especially Clerics accused of similarly heinous crimes: sackcloth and ashes; admit everything; tears of sorrow and repentance; own up to the crime; accept any punishment deemed appropriate by the modern equivalent of the Prophet Nathan. David was "a man after God's own heart" not because he was perfect but because he loved God supremely, even in trial, temptation, failure.

    God is merciful to those who are truly sorry and repent; avenging fire to those who retain pride and do not.

    The point is not to maintain power and privilege; for a Cardinal especially who represents the blood of martyrdom to the world. The point is to focus solely on one's crimes and sins, expose them, submit to the providence of Almighty God, give up every worldly attachment for the sake of penance and ultimate justice, moderated by the mercy of God. *Return*, repent.

    Cardinal Wuerl is a warning to those whose excessive attachement to the comforts of the world prevent them from admitting sin, dying to self, and laying it all down at the foot of Christ's Cross.

    Give me sackloth and poverty over red and riches.

  4. It would take a great deal of integrity and humility to admit that one was wrong, was sorry, and saw the need to resign at the very least. Lets see how many of our cardinals will take that path. Or bishops, etc. Paying big money, the contributions of the faithful, to pay to cover your hind end is a travesty. So is using the donations for a hight luxury lifestyle. Dear Lord, we need restorers in the vineyard.

  5. "Editorial" has a specific meaning. It's a statement written by the editor and/or his staff. The article "Cardinal Wuerl Must Go" was an op-ed piece, written by Marc Thiessen.


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