Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bishop Morlino Stands Out From Sickening Reactions From His Brother Prelates

Among the "sickening reactions" are those from Pope Francis himself.  I'll get into that.  First let us take a look at the open letter that Bishop Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Wisconsin issued.  This is a letter that I urge you to download to your own machines.  He openly states that the scandal is homosexual in nature; it's the "elephant in the living room" that so many of the prelates refuse to acknowledge.  Why do they refuse to acknowledge it?  Perhaps they themselves are engaging in mortally sinful sodomy and/or they are being blackmailed on account of it.  Or perhaps they are simply cowards who don't want to buck politically-correct societal sentiments for fear of backlash or losing donations.  Pray that more bishops may face and state the facts as candidly as Morlino.

One such questionable prelate is Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta GA.  He decided to appoint three priests as "diocesan spiritual directors" for victims of clerical abuse.  One of those "directors" however, is pastor of an extremely gay-affirming parish.  This parish holds social events for GLTB "couples" and hosts booths at "pride" events.  Isn't this more of the "foxes guarding the hen houses"?

In the Diocese of Syracuse NY sits a bishop, Robert Cunningham, who three years ago opined that the rape victims of these pervert priests share culpability.  Mind you, he was specifically speaking of 7-year-old victims, giving the excuse that they had attained the use of reason.  So I suppose he thinks female rape victims are culpable as well?  Generally in these cases the perpetrator is bigger than the victim and can easily overpower them.  Did Bishop Cunningham not consider that?  Or is he actually trying to excuse misconduct?  I wonder if it's his own misconduct (if only his cowardice) that he tried to justify?  What is truly mystifying is why he still sits in that chancery.  Why hasn't the pope removed him?

Some of the pope's appointments have been similarly mystifying.  From LifeSiteNews, we read that he recently consecrated as bishop a Portuguese priest who supports a nun in her promotion of abortion and homosexuality. He himself claims that Jesus "didn't establish rules".  That of course is a flat-out lie.  To those who think that the pope could not have known this about Father Mendonca, I reply that is absolute rubbish and an exercise in self-deception on your part.  If LifeSiteNews could glean these facts that are publicly available, so too could the pope.

The Vatican finally issued a statement regarding the scandal unearthed by the downfall of a major supporter of the pope's election- McCarrick, of course.  The statement said that the Vatican is in "shame and sorrow" over the mess and to the victims "the pope is on their side".  So what?  Big deal!  Who cares what the Vatican says?  The real question is what will they do?  So far they haven't done much. 


  1. I imagine a victim of sexual assault does not want "solidarity", "shame and sorrow" (etc), as much as to see their tormenter hauled out of his feather bed by his ear and marched down to the police station.

  2. Now that the 'Vatican' is in fear of investigation by the U.S. Justice Dept., and there is a possibility of loosing a lot of money, Francis is sending Scicluna for an 'Apostolic Visitation'. If you remember, Scicluna is the one he sent to Chili as well.

    On another note, it doesn't surprise me that some of these prelates hold the victims themselves as 'partially responsible' for their crimes. In the Penn. Report there was at least one of these demon men who after raping this little boy used to drag him into the confessional to 'Confess his mortal sin'. (to him of course)......these deviants are so diabolically sadistic and so beyond the pale EVIL that it has caused a type of 'evil insanity'. I have seen more than one priest claim that some of them are actually possessed.....I would say that they are spot on....some of them desperately need an exorcism.

  3. But aren't McCarrick and these other homo priests just "accompanying" their victims?


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