Friday, August 10, 2018

Time For A Ma$$ive Ma$$ive Cri$i$ In ADW Coffers!

The Knights of Columbus held their Supreme Convention in Baltimore a few days ago.  In attendance were Cardinal Wuerl and Father Thomas Rosica.  Rosica interviewed Wuerl, probably as part of his coverage for his "Salt and Light" thing.  You can put both their names in the search box at the top left to understand why this interview is a huge joke.  No one with two brain cells firing in syncopation could possibly take this seriously.  When Wuerl congratulates Rosica for his "fine work", did he have in mind Rosica's attempt to sue the blogger behind Vox Cantoris?

At 6.35 Wuerl glibly distorts the Fifth Commandment and the Church's Traditional support of the death penalty.  He says that (sit down!), the state's usage of armies and death penalty are exceptions to the Fifth Commandment.  No, Your Eminence!  The Fifth Commandment prohibits murder - that is, the deliberate killing of innocent human beings.  The usage of armies and the death penalty were - and are - never proscribed by the Fifth Commandment!  A few minutes later, he says, that "we don't have to do that anymore, we can put them in jail".  But wait a minute!  Pope Francis has also bad-mouthed life imprisonment, calling it "torture".  Here we have a prime example of the progressives collectively talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Here is the interview.

Did you catch, at 3:11, when Wuerl says "I don't think this is some massive, massive crisis".  He's speaking of the bishop sex abuse scandal.  Oh really, Your Eminence?  Try saying that to the men who have left the priesthood and even the Faith after they were abused and subsequently dismissed!  Try saying that to the parents of the shattered young men!

Well, what might he think is a "massive, massive crisis"?  Yes!  The shrinkage of archdiocesan bank accounts!  Perhaps if we give him that ma$$ive cri$i$, maybe then he and his ilk will understand that we are going to clean house!

Any parishioners of St John Neumann who are reading this, please boycott the CCHD collection this weekend.  For your envelopes, you may wish to use the stuffer at the bottom or make up your own note.  Let's give them a "ma$$ive, ma$$ive cri$i$" in their wallets!


  1. Absolutely. We have to realize we have very little in the way of consequences for these men who have taken for granted so much. In fact, their ability to continue skipping on their merry way is due to the fact they feel they can absolutely consider our support a lock.
    We need to do the unthinkable, in fact, we had better get used to considering the unthinkable, put it on the table, and possibly pull that pin. Attendance, the offertory, friends, we have not much, but it may have to be put into play.

  2. Like Poop Francis, Cowardinal Wuerl needs to go!

  3. LOTS of them need to GO jmbutk!! Like the entire kit and kaboodle of them!!!! The GREAT CLEANSING has begun, I do believe. And it's going to get uglier before it gets better. Pray the Rosary and let's do our part to fight this war, in hopes that the Good Lord fashions his whip to take to His Temple. I'm going to hide myself in His wounds to escape the flying tables!

  4. Do you know why God made snakes like Wuerl before He made lawyers?

    Because He needed the practice!


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