Saturday, April 2, 2011

40 Days For Life At Spring Street - Mid-Point Rally

Today's usual stint at the Spring Street Planned Parenthood was augmented a bit by the 40 Days for Life Mid-Point Rally.  These rallies are occurring at about this time, as we are near the mid-point of Lent.  We were priviledged today to have with us Shawn Carney, Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life and a co-founder of the original 40 Days for Life in Bryan Texas. 

You'll see two clips below.  The first is that of pro-life activists gathering and praying during the rally, before Shawn's address to us.  Note that the people in the orange vests are "pro-choice clinic escorts".  We refer to them as "deathscorts".  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Now you'll see Shawn's talk.  One thing you might want to note is the deathscorts in the background.  They try to ignore Shawn, as they try to ignore us week after week.  They can't; the words will sink in - what they do with those words is another matter.  We must pray for them.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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