Saturday, April 9, 2011

The New De Facto American Flag

As of late last night, the GOP leadership (GOP, as in "Gutless Old Poops"), once again wimped out and caved on the funding of Planned Parenthood.  That means that once again, they have consented to the pilfering of the wallets of American taxpayers to fund the mass-murder of thousands of babies every day.  You see, they were afraid of "losing leverage" if the federal government were to shut down for a few days.  Yes, of course the key word is "afraid".

Afraid of what?  The mass mainstream-lamebrain media?  Again the GOP leadership assumed control of the House of Representatives in spite of  the best efforts of the mass-media.  In kissing up to Obama, Reid and all the progressive power brokers, the GOP leadership turns their backs on the American people who put them in their positions of power and the charge that we have given to them.

"But don't worry!  We'll have THE BIG FIGHT in September!" the GOP wonks assure us.  Well, wait a minute!  When they caved the previous time, they told us that they would stand firm this time!  Now that they've caved yet again, why on earth should we believe that they'll grow a backbone by September?

Because I sent emails to my Annapolis representatives these past few months, who all happen to be Democrats, I was placed on the email list of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.  They sent an email today announcing the budget deal.  The first sentence was, "The Republicans blinked."  I regret that this is an accurate summary of the GOP's behavior yesterday.

By the way - I thank Michael Hichborn of the American Life League for the flag; I lifted it off his Facebook page.

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