Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catholic Standard's Attempt At "Guilting" Us

In today's Catholic Standard (page 4 of the print edition) we read "Anti-Muslim Sentiment: Catholics Say It Reminds Them of Own Experience".  I linked to the online version as it appears in Catholic News Service because it does not appear on the Catholic Standard's page (at least I couldn't locate it).  I've a number of problems with this article.

First we hear of testimony from such "stellar" Catholics like Richard Durbin and Patrick Leahy.  Both these men have spent their political careers advancing positions in direct opposition to the Catholic faith: legalized baby-murder, promotion of gay lifestyles, perversion of marriage.  Whatever "experience" they're relating, it isn't authentically Catholic.
There is in this article much ballyhoo about "persecution" and "violence", but no specific examples are given.  Are the details being kept nebulous for a reason - such as "they don't exist to a relevant degree"?  However there is just the slightest hint of an agenda from Thomas Perez, when he alleged "instances of religious intolerance in the workplace, harassment of school students, threats of violence, disputes over Mosques and other actions of bigotry in the past decade."     


Is this an attempt to get good people to simply shut up about the Ground Zero Mosque?  Much has been written about the folly of that proposed mosque.  I needn't rehash that here.

Let's be honest about something else.  There is no doubt that Muslims, just like anyone else, deserve the respect and dignity due to any human being, simply because they are created in the image and likeness of God, who wants their salvation as much as anyone else's.  However, while all people  are created equal in God's eyes, the same cannot be said for religions and other subordinate ideologies.  Some are clearly dangerous - as is Islam.  It is the willfully (and thus sinfully) naive that insists that all faiths are equal.  That's called indifferentism, folks.  That's a heresy.  On the right sidebar are links detailing the dangers of Islam; some of those are created by former Muslims (at great risk to their own lives, I might add).

Yesterday I posted  Ann Barnhardt's video.  Please watch it.  Notice that as she tears out a page, she quotes from that page Islamic passages that justify rape, pedophilia, beheadings and other manners of violence.  Actually, "justify" isn't the right verb; what would be more accurate is "command".  Some might take umbrage to her tactic; this is probably a matter about which good people - even good Catholics - can disagree.  For an interesting treatise on the matter, read this blog article.


  1. I don't remember Catholics blowing up the World Trade Center, nor do I recall any Catholics plotting to attack Ft. Dix and slaughtering people at Ft. Hood so why would investigating people with possible terrorist links remind a Catholic of their own experiences? Shame on the Standard.

  2. Good points. These murderous acts are inspired by the murderous ideology. Yes, shame on the Standard, but also shame on the Catholic News Service. Thanks to them, this article will most likely appear in other diocesan publications.


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