Friday, April 8, 2011

Michael Voris: Too "Extreme" For "Catholycs"

Matt Abbott published an article today detailing the treatment that Michael Voris (you've seen his Vortex clips here many times) is receiving at the hands of the Diocese of Scranton.  His article links to the official diocesan statement criticizing his "extreme positions on other faiths".  Now what the hell does that mean???  Doesn't that have just a tad of the smell of relativism about it?   I could understand their consternation if Voris were preaching against the truth of the Magisterium - but he's upholding the Magisterium!   Perhaps the lemmings occupying that chancery office are in fact practicing one of those heretical "other faiths" known as progressivism.

To any "catholycs" reading this, I suggest you sit down and start taking deep breaths!  Truth, by nature, is extreme.  Either a given fact is true - or it's false.  Got that?  If you find that extreme, well, that's just tough tiddly-winks!  Grow up and deal with it!

History lesson time - regarding the Diocese of Scranton!  Remember Bishop Joseph Martino?  He was their former bishop - a fearlessly orthodox shepherd who exemplified what a true Shepherd of the Church is.  Some "powers-that-be" over there railroaded him, too!  Thus, it's no surprise that they canceled Voris's appearances.

Here's the latest of what the Scranton progressives are calling "extreme".  It's actually called "truth".  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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