Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food Police In Chicago Schools - Big Brother Is Here!!

Remember last December, when Mrs Messiah informed us all that childhood obesity is a national security issue?  Well, it seems that public schools in Chicago are really taking her seriously - I mean really!  (By the way - notice how much of the nutso stuff these days is coming from Chicago?  We know the reason for that now, don't we?  But I digress!)

It seems that the principals have been given discretion to ban lunches that the students bring from home!  The article quotes a school official as saying that they want "to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices," and "to make an impact that extends beyond the classroom". 

They make no attempt to disguise their arrogance or their contempt for the families of the children.  In fact, once again we see a deliberate attempt by governmental officials to drive a wedge between children and their families and to usurp the proper role of parents in the lives of children.  This isn't about food at all; it's about control - and money (your tax dollars at work).  Why?  As the article says, the feds pay the school district for each lunch taken, with the caterer getting a flat fee for the same.  Judging from the appearances of the lunch, the caterer must be making a nice profit, for he/she isn't buying quality product.

So the Food Police are indeed a realty!  What's next?  If little Joey brings fried chicken too many times, might his parents soon expect a knock on their door from Child Protective Services to remove the children on basis of "nutrition abuse" or some other trumped-up charge?  Will police-goons be standing at the door as kids arrive to rifle through any "suspicious" paper lunch bag?

Can't you just see it now?  Eight-year old Jimmy enters with paper bag containing a peanut-butter sandwich and a twinkie.  He passes through a sensor, and suddenly a siren goes off.  Immediately three or four goons approach him, shouting, "OK, kid!  DROP THAT PAPER BAG!  STAND AWAY FROM THE JUNK FOOD!  NOW!!"  Jimmy drops the bag and sobs as the goons frisk him up and down (as they were taught by TSA agents). 

Do you think that's a farce?  I hope so, but fear that it will be reality in the not-too-distant future.

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