Thursday, April 28, 2011

St Camillus Church Mocks The Stations Of The Cross

Apparently National Catholic Reporter is not the only institution that is on the "bastardize the Passion" bandwagon.  My colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic (right side bar) alerted me to an unconventional and dare I say uncharitable absconding of the Stations of the Cross by St Camillus Church in Takoma Park MD.  An article about the mess appeared in the Takoma Park issue of the Gazette

We see that the parish is pushing the pastors' opinions of such matters as immigration and climate change on its parishioners.  I leave it to my colleague to analyze that.  I will say that at the end of the article, Mr. Mario Amleu uttered words of wisdom that the pastor would do well to heed - as would we all.  Read for yourselves.

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