Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More On Wonkette Attacker Of Baby Trig

I wrote a bit on the Wonkette's insidious attack on baby Trig Palin.  I thank my blogging colleague Dymphna (right side bar) who pointed out a pertinent fact regarding Jack Stuef, the slime-spewer who calls himself a writer.

Take a look at his Linkedin profile and notice the "education".  Yes, that is Georgetown University.  Does that surprise anyone?  Recall the treatment that the so-called "faculty" meted out to Cardinal Arinze when he proclaimed the truth at a commencement there.  Recall that pro-abortion Robert Drinan (a Jesuit priest) was on its law faculty till his death.  When Pope Benedict XVI evicted Fr Thomas Reese from America magazine, guess what welcomed him with open arms?  Recall, also, that when they allowed Barack HUSSEIN Obama to pollute their halls, they covered over any indication of their Catholic heritage - lest anyone be offended.

It helps to understand how Stuef's mind began to curdle.


  1. I am in shock that the wonkette is a man!

  2. There appear to be several individuals who write on the Wonkette. I hesitate to call Stuef a "man". "Male" might be more like it. Real men don't mock babies.


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