Thursday, April 14, 2011

Envirowhacko "Easter"

An outfit called "Earth Day Network" has sent to many (if not most) Catholic pastors the not-so-brilliant idea of devoting their Easter homilies to Earth Day!  Apparently it wasn't enough for them to try to bastardize Lent.  Now they're after the holiest day of the year for Catholics.  As you watch the Vortex clip below, notice the left-wing puppets who comprise their "Advisory Committee".  Well, here's some of advice from me, whether you like it or not. 

To these envirowhackos:  Please screw your lightbulbs back in.  You've been groping in the dark way too long.

To faithful Catholics whose pastors may be prone to follow such nonsense: Take a small digital recorder with you; make sure you can upload recordings to your computer via usb port and software.  Record the homily and expose this foolishness.

Here's a link to the memo.  Now understand that this is indeed earth worship.  Many of these people are becoming quite open about their earth worship - and their disdain for humanity.   Just today, the First Things blog picked up on a radical environmentalist who calls humans "a cancer on this earth".  Those of us in Silver Spring will recall James Lee, the envirowhacko who held hostages at the Discovery Channel Building last September.  Read that link and recall that his environmentalism views were very much held by their so-called "intelligentsia".

Boys and girls, can we say "pagan idolotry"?  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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