Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pro-Abort Troll Rails Against Sonograms

In doing so, he inadvertently makes some key admissions.  Read the piece at Broward/Palm Beach News Times.  He is having a snit-fit at proposed legislation to make sonogram viewings mandatory before abortions. 

What might be one problem he has with it?   Yet they look vaguely like babies. Adult humans, with our visually oriented neo-cortices, will automatically ascribe them human characteristics. That's an inescapable fact of our biology.     Now why, oh why, do we suppos that the look like babies?  Here's an answer that anyone with more than submammalian levels of cognition (to use his condescending language) knows.  It's because they are babies!  Go back to Biology 101, Mr Thorp!

He also complains about slip(ing) a piece of pro-life propaganda into the abortion clinic, to give her side's argument one last pictographic airing before the deed is done.   Since when is a sonogram screen "propaganda"?  Might he consider it so, only because what's on that screen would show any pro-abortion argument to be the lying propaganda that it is?  Do facts really cause their consciences to go into such violent tizzies?

The pro-baby-murder crowd is losing the moral argument.  That is why they are getting so loud and full of knee-jerk vitriol.  Keep on speaking the truth and keep on praying for God's mercy.

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