Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chaput Takes A Bold Stand - Well, Maybe Or Maybe Not

Lifesite News has an article detailing an address that Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, as well as some of the proceedings from a subsequent Q&A session.  He remarked that in regards to dealing with pro-abortion "catholic" politicians, the bishops are not in unity regarding how to deal with them (no kidding!).  He also stated that "refusing to act on pro-abortion politicians has not worked".  Both of these truths have been all-too-obvious for the faithful Catholic in the pew.

He then said that "catholics" who support abortion should never approach Holy Communion.  While that's true enough, I fail to see why so many of my fellow bloggers wax lyrical over this.

An important distinction must be made very clear.  Canon 915 is not about telling pro-aborts not to present themselves for Holy Communion.  That's a common confusion with Canon 916, which speaks to the recipient of Holy Communion.  What is needed is a statement declaring that if a publicly dissident Catholic is so brazen as to get into the Communion line, then the Minister of Holy Communion will deny the Eucharist to him/her.  That is Canon 915, which speaks to the minister of Holy Communion.  As I read this piece, I don't see the Archbishop making such a declaration.  That is what is needed, for that is where the rubber hits the road.  When such denials start happening, that is when we might see real change.  It's one thing to talk the talk, but now the bishops must walk the walk.

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