Monday, April 18, 2011

What Some Dems Mean By "Urban Revitalization"

One of Detroit's local Democrat wonks, Geoffrey Fieger, has a rather unique idea to revitalize the city of Detroit with "new industry".  At least I hope it's unique.  Now just what might this "new industry" be?  Hint - it's not new at all; it's known as the world's oldest profession.  Yep!  He wants to legalize prostitution, that glorious industry whereby people sell their bodies and destroy their souls. 

According to this Detroit Free Press article, Fieger thinks this, along with the legalization of marijuana, will "attract young people".  What kind of "young people" remains the unanswered question.  What else will it attract?  Well, how about human traffickers - you know, those who lure young underage girls into their networks and keep them imprisoned in their iron grips.  Baltimore ACORN was quite familiar with that sordid racket.

What else would be attracted?  The abortion industry, of course!  Planned Parenthood would make out like the bandits they are.  This blog has shown numerous clips of theirs, as they posed as sex-work bosses and scouted out "services" at various Planned Parenthood centers.  They'd dispense contraceptives to the prostitutes, and when they invariably fail, they'd be right there to murder the children conceived in prostitution.

Is this what Fieger means by making Detroit "a fun city"?  If he has his way, watch all the decent people flee in droves and all the, uh, "funny" people move in.  Oh, by the way!  He's not planning to run for mayor in 2013.  He's got his eyes set on the governor's mansion.  Michigan citizens, beware!

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