Monday, April 18, 2011

New Utah CCHD Director - Dissident On Crucial Life Issues

Lifesite News reports that the newly-hired director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development office of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, Jean Welch Hill, dissents from the Magisterium on key life issues.  She also will direct the diocese's Peace and Justice Commission and will act as both governmental liason and lobbyist.

As a political candidate, she:
  • supported same sex "marriage"
  • supported the promotion of contraceptive distribution in schools
  • opposed restrictions to abortion
She received campaign contributions from both Planned Parenthood and Equality Utah.  Are we surprised?

Now go back to events of last November, in Chicago
At that time, the Chicago CCHD had a director, Rey Flores, a faithful Catholic who was determined to undo some of the wreckage of his predecessors.  He diverted funds from aberrant groups towards those who were actually following Catholic teaching.  Well, the progressives who infest that diocese wouldn't have any of that, so they arranged to have him unceremoneously dismissed.  Read the disgusting saga  herehere,  here,  here and  here.

Do we see a pattern here?  The CCHD is remaining true to its sinister Alinskyan roots.  There is nothing, nothing, redeemable about it.  Those attempting to reform the racket are summarily thrown under the bus while dissidents are rewarded.  Not only is it time to defund the CCHD, but to abolish it altogether.  In fact, such abolishment is long overdue.

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